Welcome dear Visitor,

My name is Vladimir Petković and I am a digital artist from Serbia. I currently live and work in San Francisco.

This is the window to my life and my passion; through this window you will see a glimpse of my soul in the works and projects I most value.

Having graduated from the Collage of Higher Mathematics in Serbia, I went on to complete the Autodesk School of Advanced 3D Animation and Special Effects. In 2012. I graduated at Faculty of Interactive Design, at the Metropolitan University.

Throughout my whole life I have been deeply passionate about computer-art and have embarked on a long an grueling journey, a journey to materialize my dreams; finally, my visions are becoming a reality.

This site is dedicated to my friends, family and the one beloved person who has never let me down.

Perhaps I ought to say a little more about my story but I think I’ll let my pictures do the work that words could never do.